The Wedding Dress | Snippets from Liz & J

Liz weddings dress has been hanging by the bedroom door at her parents house since the day she bought it. She and her mom told her Dad not to look at it not even a peek. Day in and day out, her dad walk-in and out, in the bedroom where the dress was hanging by the door.

On the day of the wedding, I asked Liz to move the dress by the front door where it has beautiful stained glass decor and bountiful of back and reflected light. After the dress was set by the door, I left her and her mom to cherish the moment.

During the time we are moving the dress and the duration she was getting into it, her dad waited and stayed by his music room. Her dad is a musician and has six guitar on his collections. While waiting for Liz to get in her dress, I took a portrait of him with his guitar that he owns since he as 12 yrs old.

Then the final moment came, her Dad get to see her finally on her wedding dress. His expression was just priceless! The joy, excitement and love shown on his eyes in a single frame.

This is why we love wedding photography. Thank you for the privilege to document your priceless memories.

wedding dress mother & daugther moment father first look at daugther bride litrato studio

 Londonderry, NH | 09.2012

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